Baxter Barn is your farm!

“Mr. Baxter’s farm – the center of the community.”

(Quoted from around 1885 from “In the Valley of the Moon.’)clip_image002[6]

Each year, there are fewer farms in King County. Our remaining farmers still spend their time farming, working hard to provide local food and make a living; but for every piece of farmland that disappears, so do other valuable resources and benefits.

Farms give us an unparalleled abundance of natural resources; in connecting with sweat equity and stewardship, they provide quality local food, wildlife habitat, open spaces, and support clean water and provide an economic opportunity for those who work harclip_image002[4]d to preserve and enhance these resources.

Here at Baxter Barn in Fall City, we have created a unique opportunity where you can visit, learn and share in a rich experience that supports our goal to demonstrate sustainability and conservation.

The farm, which began in 1875, is an integral part of farming history in the Snoqualmie Valley. Today, it is a place where native plants and wildlife are as important as domesticated plants and animals; where all ages gather to explore our historic barn, see returning Coho salmon traversing our streams, spend time with friendly donkeys and chicks. We take pleasure in giving folks a one-of-a kind experience; a personal, up-close and hands-on view of “life on the farm.”clip_image002

We specialize in combining fun with learning and enjoy sharing our experiences and expertise regarding farmland restoration, wildlife enhancement and water conservation.  Currently, there are 12 neighboring farms collaborating on restoration with Baxter Barn.   We are happy to provide suggestions about funding sources and how to make a cleaner greener farm – great resources for the public or a landowner.

We invite you to join us at our open house on Saturday, February 12 from Noon – 3 PM. Visitors will be welcome to build a wood Valentine or paint a special gift for a loved one. The cost per “Valentine” is $8. clip_image002[4]

Baxter Barn is open year round by appointment.  Come brush a donkey or pet a chicken!  You can ‘Support or Adopt’ a farm animal; arrange a tour, field trip, teach a class, plan a event, birthday party or play day; volunteer at a restoration event; or just visit.  You can purchase our farm-crafted FCS Certified gifts, fresh Salmon Safe certified eggs or one of our farm-raised  Registered Miniature Donkeys.

Visit our website designed by eighth grade boy scout, Pratik Vaidya. You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.   

Community Steward: Cory Huskinson

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Baxter Barn just got the WSU Washington Forest Stewardship Certificate of Achievement!

Award stewardship

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning is a collaborative education program for Washington State family forest landowners. The program is conducted by WSU Extension in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources Forest Stewardship Program, the Rural Technology Initiative (in collaboration with UW and WSU), US Forest Service Cooperative Programs, Washington State Parks, Conservation Districts, USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service, and consulting foresters.