Baxter Barn is your farm!

“Mr. Baxter’s farm – the center of the community.” (Quoted from around 1885 from “In the Valley of the Moon.’) Each year, there are fewer farms in King County. Our remaining farmers still spend their time farming, working hard to provide local food and make a living; but for every piece of farmland that disappears, so do other valuable resources… (more…)

Community Steward: Cory Huskinson

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Baxter Barn just got the WSU Washington Forest Stewardship Certificate of Achievement!

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning is a collaborative education program for Washington State family forest landowners. The program is conducted by WSU Extension in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources Forest Stewardship Program, the Rural Technology Initiative (in collaboration with UW and WSU), US Forest Service Cooperative Programs, Washington State Parks, Conservation Districts, USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service, and consulting foresters.